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A nature inspired yard is just as attractive to people as it is to wildlife. Perhaps Henry David Thoreau said it best... "We need the tonic of wilderness... We can never have enough of nature." 

Even though many Americans would find it hard to imagine a time when U.S. homes weren’t surrounded by manicured lawns,  turf grass is a relatively recent development in landscape history. In the 1700s, landscape designers in England and France premiered the closely cut, well-kept grass areas in gardens of the rich! Today in the U.S., manicured turf grass lawns cover up to 50 million acres of land; consume nearly 3 trillion gallons of water a year; 200 million gallons of gas (for all that mowing), and 70 million pounds of pesticides (source

The effect of pollution from pesticides and fertilizers is perhaps the most alarming impact of turf grass. The first global review of studies recently published in Biological Conservation found a 41 percent decline on average for all insect species (source

Rewild your yard (or packets of your yard), help restore our ecosystems and enjoy nature inspired outdoor spaces.



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