Privacy Policy


We will not sell, rent or lease or otherwise disclose your personally identifiable information. Information may be shared with entities who are contractually acting on behalf of the Bring Your Green competition. Such entities are governed by this privacy policy with respect to the use of this data and are bound by the appropriate confidentiality agreements. All participant data will remain entirely confidential and will be used strictly for verification purposes, for the purposes of awarding points for the competition, and to aggregate program results, such as the overall total amount of energy and emissions saved across all participants in the program.
Participating company utility data, costs, emissions, and verification documentation will never be shared with the public or any other entity outside of the Bring Your Green Challenge Team and Oversight Committee.
Every participant will have access to private pages to track progress as well as a public page to highlight participation. The Bring Your Green Challenge will share with the public the overall competition results, which may include aggregated information across all participants, such as aggregated cost savings, aggregated total amount of reduced emissions, and aggregated total amount of energy savings.