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Giving Garden
Agriculture has been around from times known to mankind, but the practices have evolved and diverged in ways harmful to our public health and our eco systems. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, excessive ploughing and an industrialized food system characterized by monocropping affected public health in many ways. 

Industrialized agriculture delivers inexpensive, low-nutrient food in excessive quantities! It also generates massive amounts of animal waste and runoff laden with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides into our waterways.

 According to medical experts, bacterial resistance to antibiotics is on the rise, in part due to the excessive use of drugs on factory farms, posing new and more deadly threats of infectious disease. 

The regenerative farming approach focuses on restoring soils that have been degraded by the industrial, agricultural system. Its methods promote healthier ecosystems by rebuilding soil organic matter through holistic farming and grazing techniques. In short, regenerative agriculture practitioners let nature do the work.



Giving Garden


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