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Welcome to the Bring Your Green - Public Challenges!

Here, we will challenge your knowledge of things green and sustainable in a call to action to help you transition from conventional to conscientious as you consider how you can change your own individual actions.

First things first, register as a new participant. After you register, we want to make sure that your community (where you live and call home), and your Green Certified Organization (if it is green certified), receives credit for your engagement. Select your community and organization from the available lists to make sure you are associated with them.

Is your organization not listed? That means they are not a Green Certified Business yet. Help them take action and invite them to get certified and join the Bring Your Green Challenge!

At any time in the future you can change your communities by clicking on your profile icon .

Disclaimer: We will not share or use your email address for any purpose other than calculating engagement results from this challenge.

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