Terms and Conditions


All participant data will remain entirely confidential and will be used strictly for verification purposes, for the purposes of awarding points for the competition, and to aggregate program results, such as the overall total amount of energy and emissions saved aggregated across all participants in the program. DRG will verify utility data entered with the appropriate utility providers to ensure efficacy of the program.
Participating company utility data, costs, emissions, and verification documentation will never be shared with the public or any other entity outside of the Bring Your Green Challenge Team.
I instruct my Utility(ies) and Dayton Regional Green to treat a copy of this notice as an original, and this authorization shall be valid until revoked in writing. I realize that under the rules and regulations of the public utilities commission of Ohio, I may refuse to allow Utility(ies) to release the information set forth above. By my signature, I freely give Utility(ies) permission to release the information designated above. By participating in this program I agree to this statement and to the terms and conditions.