Sustainability Luncheon Speaker Blog Post: Emotional Intelligence

Elle Zimmerman graced the stage at the Feb 22, 2024 Bring Your Green Sustainability Luncheon to shed light on the indispensable skill of emotional intelligence (EI). 

Celebrating Achievements and Building a Sustainable Future

The year 2023 ended on a high note for sustainability in the Dayton Region! 

Feb 22 Sustainability Luncheon

Whether you are a business leader, a public servant, a social activist, or someone passionate about making a difference, we have something for everyone...

Over $600K in energy cost saved during Bring Your ‘Green’ challenge

‘Bring Your Green 2.0 Challenge’ winners were awarded Friday by Dayton Regional Green, DP&L, Vectren, Energy Optimizers...

Bring Your Green Launches School Challenge

Bring Your Green launches 2024 / 2025 School Challenge for greener schools, classrooms and engaged students..

How the Bring Your Green Challenge is changing the Miami Valley

For more than 200 Miami Valley businesses, government agencies and schools, sustainability is more than a buzzword...

Program encourages Dayton businesses to "go green"

Local businesses will compete in a year-long program that encourages them to "go green"; saving them money and making them eligible for...

Dayton companies, including DP&L, vow to foster sustainable practices

Several Dayton companies and governmental entities have vowed to adopt new sustainable practices thorugh a new initiative..

WHIO Reports: Bring Your Green Initiative

This week's edition of WHIO Reports focuses on the Bring Your Green Initiative in the Miami Valley. Representatives from local energy companies...

2 News - Bring Your Green Challenge

Bring Your Green Challenge is a friendly yearlong competition that encourages businesses and organizations to reduce costs while helping the environment...