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Welcome to Bring Your Green employee (and citizen) challenges! We seek to inform, inspire and mobilize. For we believe that when we're inspired , we can change the world.

Here we will challenge your knowledge of all things green and sustainable and hope that you will transition from conventional to conscientious as you join us on this journey and consider how you can change your own individual actions.

First things first; before you start, we want to make sure that your business and / or community takes credit for your engagement. Select your business and / or your community so that they can get points for your participation. Leave us your name and email address as well to take a shot at a $300 cash prize at the end of the challenge year.

Disclaimer: We will not share or use your email address for any purpose other than calculating engagement results from this challenge.

If you want the points you earn to go toward a Dayton Regional Green Certified participating business and /or participating community in the Bring Your Green Challenge, choose from options below.

Participating as an employee will allow you to select from our green certified businesses.Keep in mind that some businesses have several locations (buildings or departments) green certified. Select the appropriate location for you. Participating as a citizen will allow you to choose the community you call home from communities that have green certified businesses, schools, nonprofits or government buildings through our program. We know that you can live and work in two different locations.

This will allow to you to participate as a member of that team (or both teams!) and help them climb up the leaderboard. They will receive points for your engagement.

Is your business or community not listed below? Help them take action and invite them to sign up and start saving in the Bring Your Green Challenge.

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